The Holidays are upon us…..

The holiday season is now in full swing, the weather is in full transition mode and people are beginning to get a little more stressed out this time of year. We all know someone that does not do the holidays to gracefully.  I know for my little slice of heaven I call single parenting and 2 boys, this time of year the countdown until Thanksgiving and Christmas has already begun. Add in unlimited commercials on the newest toys and the hottest fashions and my wallet has already hid itself  from me. It is really like a ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling through around the back pocket area.  All kidding aside, this is a time of year that we all need to manage our stress appropriately and look to those that we can rely on to be there for us when it begins to get overwhelming.  There is only so much that we all can do. Our kids are in full holiday swing and they have their eyes on the big prizes. Who is in your circle of trust that you can turn too when it gets to be a little hectic. Who out there will put it all in perspective for you when your kids are hyper and the house is not as clean as you may want it to be and the demands are pulling you in every direction. What I would like to remind you all of is this, if you neglect yourself you will be inviting the the big stress meltdown. This is a time of year that smiles and joy are whats most important. It is not how you celebrate or what you celebrate or even if you don\’t celebrate, its about managing your time, your stress,  the kids energy and the increased time that they are home. If we get all stressed out then it will effect our children and the entire home. Have a friend that you can turn too, have a plan for when it gets crazy but, ultimately, have a great holiday season and remember that its about family and fun…

Be well..

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