New opportunities.

Having just entered a brand new year, we start with a clean slate and renewed desire and drive to make our programs and the opportunities available to all of us. This year at the Parent Cafe we have rolled out a couple new groups with the intent on adding one more in the near future.

Each month we will be holding Parent Voices Meetings fro all parents who are interested in finding out more information on what Parent Voices in, how Parent Voices  is vital to the child care community and the parents in the community. In addition to Parent Voices, we are implementing an activity group for dads and their children. This activity group will consist of fun, games, laughter and play. We want to provide a great place to have fun with our children through play and activity.

I would like everyone to send out positive energy for approval and the go ahead to implement the InsideOut Dad program at the Butte County Correctional Facility. The InsideOut Dad program will work with fathers to be better, more confident and well prepared and equipped dads. The opportunity to work with dads to ensure that they are the role model and dad they want to be is an honor.

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