Moms Everyday Interview.

Well, after a few false starts we were finally able to have our KHSL Moms Everyday Interview.  Thank you to KHSL for allowing us to talk about the Butte Parent Cafe  program.  I would also like to thank Shauna for getting everything set up for the interview while I was at school. It is amazing how fast those interviews can go. We had 2 minutes to adequately sell the audience on what the Parent Cafe is.  In that two  minutes we feel that we were able to give a good understanding of who, what, when, where and why. It was good to let the audience know that we are in cooperation with the Chico State Child Development Lab to provide the families with the highest quality childcare.  We finished out interview in one take and exactly 2 minutes. Boom, that\’s how we do is around here.  If you know anywhere that we can present or any business or facility, let us know.


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