Milestone Successes

Good Morning Friends,

The Butte Parents Cafes have now been completed twice in, both,  Chico and Oroville.  There have been many things that have stood out in both Parent Café sites that were amazing and that also needed a little attention. All together, what a ride it has been to get from the inception of the Butte Parent Café to now embarking on the third month of facilitating such a great Family Night out.  For the first two Parent Cafe\’s we have been able to eat some amazing food provided by Panighetis and Tacos Cortez.  We are taking suggestions as to what you would like to have for dinner for the upcoming Parent Café.  If there is something  that you would like to have, please feel free to comment and you could be the winning choice for the next Parent Café.

We are really excited to see that we are having a lot of returning parents coming to the Parent Cafes.   One of the items that we were really hoping for were returning families to the Parent Cafés. The best way to Strengthen your Family and get the most out of the Parent Café is to keep coming back.  Each Parent Café we have been able to see everyone getting a little more comfortable with the process and with sharing. I would like to thank you all for taking the time out of your schedules to spend time focusing on yourselves, your children and strengthening the family bonds.

We are really looking forward to having an Oroville Home base and a Chico Home base for our Parent Cafés. We are really pleased with how the latest facilities have really transformed the Parent Café\’s.  Please join us for our upcoming Parent Cafes. Check the calendar and be on the look out for our email blast.

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