Never a Dull Moment

Good Morning Friends,

So it has been a few weeks since I have posted, that is not for a lack of want or things to say by any means. Every time I think there is a spare minute, we are thankfully able to spread the Parent Cafe message to a new audience. Overtime, the word has, thankfully, made its way to many different organizations throughout the county.   The Butte Parent Cafe had the honor of presenting the Cafe process to the Hispanic Resource Council Of Northern California on Tuesday morning.  The HRC was very receptive and excited to hear about the Parent Cafe process and how we go about setting up the space, spreading the information to the community, the availability of the  Parent Cafe\’s  to the Spanish speaking population,  and the Parent Cafe process to name a few. I am really optimistic that this presentation gave a better insight and clarified any questions that there may have been.


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