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New opportunities.

Having just entered a brand new year, we start with a clean slate and renewed desire and drive to make our programs and the opportunities available to all of us. This year at the Parent Cafe we have rolled out a couple new groups with the intent on adding one more in the near future.

Each month we will be holding Parent Voices Meetings fro all parents who are interested in finding out more information on what Parent Voices in, how Parent Voices  is vital to the child care community and the parents in the community. In addition to Parent Voices, we are implementing an activity group for dads and their children. This activity group will consist of fun, games, laughter and play. We want to provide a great place to have fun with our children through play and activity.

I would like everyone to send out positive energy for approval and the go ahead to implement the InsideOut Dad program at the Butte County Correctional Facility. The InsideOut Dad program will work with fathers to be better, more confident and well prepared and equipped dads. The opportunity to work with dads to ensure that they are the role model and dad they want to be is an honor.

Have an amazing day,


Today is the start of a new journey.

Good morning friends,

Today I had the honor of sending off a very special letter with the USPS. This letter contained a proposal fro funding on the form of a donation through a very awesome community organization.  The Butte Parent Cafe was honored to work closely with the Soroptimist International Of Chico recently and this opportunity was born from that. I am energized and continuously by how this community has received the parent cafe. When we embarked on this journey, there was no telling how it would turn out. Almost a year in and we are thankful for the community participation and support.  What I would like to do is thank you, the community, the Parent Cafe Participants, the people that have been there with us and have participated in the conversation.  I like to remind everyone that our luck is your luck. This is a journey for all of us.

Moms Everyday Interview.

Well, after a few false starts we were finally able to have our KHSL Moms Everyday Interview.  Thank you to KHSL for allowing us to talk about the Butte Parent Cafe  program.  I would also like to thank Shauna for getting everything set up for the interview while I was at school. It is amazing how fast those interviews can go. We had 2 minutes to adequately sell the audience on what the Parent Cafe is.  In that two  minutes we feel that we were able to give a good understanding of who, what, when, where and why. It was good to let the audience know that we are in cooperation with the Chico State Child Development Lab to provide the families with the highest quality childcare.  We finished out interview in one take and exactly 2 minutes. Boom, that\’s how we do is around here.  If you know anywhere that we can present or any business or facility, let us know.


What are you grateful for ?!?!?!

How are you all doing today? It has been a few days since I have posted on here and I have missed it.. What is going on out there if the land of Facebook? What are you all up to today? What is one thing that you can share with the rest of us that is positive in your life? I recall a few years ago I remembered an important person tell me that each and everyday there are positives and things that we can be grateful for. Even in time of frustration and hurdles there are many things to be grateful for. What are you grateful for today?1. health
2. coffee
3. school
4. children
5. job
6. music
7. patience
8. laughter
9. free spirit
10. pens

What would be on your gratitude list? There is no right or wrong list, this is the list that was on my mind today, it can be different tomorrow. Have an awesome day friends.


How are you all doing today… This is a fresh new year and there will be fresh new energy and excitement surrounding the Butte Parent Cafe. We are setting our own goals and New Years Resolutions for the Parent Cafe. We would like to see the Parent Cafe attendance grow and grow. We are with the firm belief that the Parent Cafe is a great event for all to enjoy and really believe that with your help and word of mouth advertisement, we can make the cafe a HUGE success. I have a challenge for each and everyone of you:


I challenge each and everyone of you to bring a new person, or two, to the next Cafe in Chico or Oroville.  WE have stated and maintained that this cafe is about you, the community and the participants. Without you, we are unable to have the Parent Cafe. Lets, together,take the challenge and watch the Cafe grow. We give you our word that we will continue to provide the best Parent Cafe, food, and fun that we can. For the person that can bring in the most new people will get a special prize.  So, let the Challenge begin….

you can also get all sorts of information on our facebook page:


Bring it on……

Can you hear that?, try and listen closely, can you hear that train steaming down the tracks?  That train is your Butte Parent Cafe embarking on this amazing journey with you right along with us. . We have successfully made it past the first quarter of the Parent Cafe and are really excited to embark on the next few months of the Butte Parent Cafe.  So far we have met some amazing people from Oroville and Chico. The Butte Parent Cafe has had the opportunity to cater some amazing food from local restaurants as well as provide childcare for the families free of charge.  There are some great signs that point to the health and strength of the Butte Parent Cafe. Within the next few months there will be presentations to the Chico Unified School District, Chico State (again), The VOCS Board, the First 5 Commission as well as a KHSL TV Interview. These are all very exciting and will help spread the word about the Butte Parent Cafe. We are really excited with the direction the Parent Cafe is heading. When we started on this task of bringing an new and exciting way to connect with families to the Butte County Community, we never could of imagined this. Thank you all again for your continued support.



The Holidays are upon us…..

The holiday season is now in full swing, the weather is in full transition mode and people are beginning to get a little more stressed out this time of year. We all know someone that does not do the holidays to gracefully.  I know for my little slice of heaven I call single parenting and 2 boys, this time of year the countdown until Thanksgiving and Christmas has already begun. Add in unlimited commercials on the newest toys and the hottest fashions and my wallet has already hid itself  from me. It is really like a ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling through around the back pocket area.  All kidding aside, this is a time of year that we all need to manage our stress appropriately and look to those that we can rely on to be there for us when it begins to get overwhelming.  There is only so much that we all can do. Our kids are in full holiday swing and they have their eyes on the big prizes. Who is in your circle of trust that you can turn too when it gets to be a little hectic. Who out there will put it all in perspective for you when your kids are hyper and the house is not as clean as you may want it to be and the demands are pulling you in every direction. What I would like to remind you all of is this, if you neglect yourself you will be inviting the the big stress meltdown. This is a time of year that smiles and joy are whats most important. It is not how you celebrate or what you celebrate or even if you don\’t celebrate, its about managing your time, your stress,  the kids energy and the increased time that they are home. If we get all stressed out then it will effect our children and the entire home. Have a friend that you can turn too, have a plan for when it gets crazy but, ultimately, have a great holiday season and remember that its about family and fun…

Be well..

Never a Dull Moment

Good Morning Friends,

So it has been a few weeks since I have posted, that is not for a lack of want or things to say by any means. Every time I think there is a spare minute, we are thankfully able to spread the Parent Cafe message to a new audience. Overtime, the word has, thankfully, made its way to many different organizations throughout the county.   The Butte Parent Cafe had the honor of presenting the Cafe process to the Hispanic Resource Council Of Northern California on Tuesday morning.  The HRC was very receptive and excited to hear about the Parent Cafe process and how we go about setting up the space, spreading the information to the community, the availability of the  Parent Cafe\’s  to the Spanish speaking population,  and the Parent Cafe process to name a few. I am really optimistic that this presentation gave a better insight and clarified any questions that there may have been.


Milestone Successes

Good Morning Friends,

The Butte Parents Cafes have now been completed twice in, both,  Chico and Oroville.  There have been many things that have stood out in both Parent Café sites that were amazing and that also needed a little attention. All together, what a ride it has been to get from the inception of the Butte Parent Café to now embarking on the third month of facilitating such a great Family Night out.  For the first two Parent Cafe\’s we have been able to eat some amazing food provided by Panighetis and Tacos Cortez.  We are taking suggestions as to what you would like to have for dinner for the upcoming Parent Café.  If there is something  that you would like to have, please feel free to comment and you could be the winning choice for the next Parent Café.

We are really excited to see that we are having a lot of returning parents coming to the Parent Cafes.   One of the items that we were really hoping for were returning families to the Parent Cafés. The best way to Strengthen your Family and get the most out of the Parent Café is to keep coming back.  Each Parent Café we have been able to see everyone getting a little more comfortable with the process and with sharing. I would like to thank you all for taking the time out of your schedules to spend time focusing on yourselves, your children and strengthening the family bonds.

We are really looking forward to having an Oroville Home base and a Chico Home base for our Parent Cafés. We are really pleased with how the latest facilities have really transformed the Parent Café\’s.  Please join us for our upcoming Parent Cafes. Check the calendar and be on the look out for our email blast.