Bring it on……

Can you hear that?, try and listen closely, can you hear that train steaming down the tracks?  That train is your Butte Parent Cafe embarking on this amazing journey with you right along with us. . We have successfully made it past the first quarter of the Parent Cafe and are really excited to embark on the next few months of the Butte Parent Cafe.  So far we have met some amazing people from Oroville and Chico. The Butte Parent Cafe has had the opportunity to cater some amazing food from local restaurants as well as provide childcare for the families free of charge.  There are some great signs that point to the health and strength of the Butte Parent Cafe. Within the next few months there will be presentations to the Chico Unified School District, Chico State (again), The VOCS Board, the First 5 Commission as well as a KHSL TV Interview. These are all very exciting and will help spread the word about the Butte Parent Cafe. We are really excited with the direction the Parent Cafe is heading. When we started on this task of bringing an new and exciting way to connect with families to the Butte County Community, we never could of imagined this. Thank you all again for your continued support.



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